Located on the  shores of scenic Lake Huron in Sarnia Ontario, Lakeshore Sound has been a hotbed for local recording artists since the early 80's.  Our goal has always been to create a relaxed, comfortable yet professional atmosphere that enhances and maximizes the creative experience.  World class microphones, pre-amps, gear, vast experience and Pro Tools provide the canvas for your artistic visions. It is all about the energy...."the vibe!" 


Allan David Hill

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About Lakeshore Sound


The Early Years

Allan David Hill has owned and operated Lakeshore Sound in Sarnia, Ontario Canada for many years dating back to the mid 80's..  evolving from the 4 track ADH Productions(1978-79),[ Full Moon Productions, Sandcastle Sound,] to 8 tracks as Lakeside Sound and finally to Lakeshore Sound (1983-84 with .8 to 16 track in 1985 to 24 tracks plus)..  We started by recording bands live and in bars..  a direct result of playing in bands and taping our own performances..  evolving into a writing/composing project studio to feed our own creative souls and the creative energy of our growing circle of talented local musicians.


In the early days we had the pleasure of doing demos both live and in the studio with artists such as John MacIntyre, the late great Gerry Baird, Terry Titian, Sue Garrett, Dave Myles, Mark Potvin, Ron Stutt, Terry Danko, George and Sue Weber, Jimmy Atkinson, Mike Urich, Windjammer, Ric Steeves, Blackwell Sideroad, Jim Rhodes and Rob Fraser, Richard Deacon, Jeff Dowding, Jimmy T.,


The Middle Ages

 When Lakeshore Sound moved to its downstairs location and was already 16 tracks some of the people we worked with included Gary McCracken, (Max Webster, Klaatu), Jim Chevalier & LEVEL HEADS, ArmourKier Overton, 3rd and Ten, Shy-Boy, Gypsy Rose, Deadline, AUDIO Mirage, dumb brother, Bruce Sleeuwenhoek, Hassen Kabouche, 14 WindowsJoker, Stacey Lynn, Krazy Ace, The Stand, Axiom/Thin Ice, Higher Ground, Legatto and many more.


Then in 1993, Lakeshore Sound in Sarnia closed its doors as ADH moved to Tucson, Arizona and opened PICTURE ROCKZ studio on 5 acres in the mountains and desert of Sahauro National Park(W)..  ADH returned to writing and collaboration during this time while still producing several Tucson based artists.. Also during this time ADH ventured into digital video production and began shooting video and doing soundtrack work..  until it was time to return home.. 2002.


Here and Now

In 2002 plans were underway to refurbish the former MIX AUDIO studio on Mitton Street.but the plan was put on hold and a decision was made to re-open the original Lakeshore Sound.  Since re-opening in 2003 it has been a creative hotbed of activity seeing the likes of Death of 8, (featuring Brian Doherty-Big Wreck, Bil Eldridge-TSOT/Laughing Sam’s Breakdown, Tony Zangoli-9 House and Greg Davison-Mercury Men), The Humbuckers, Jes Beaulac, FuZeus, Christine Story & Ed Nicol (Celtic Offspring) and many more..  A larger mixing/mastering suite was added in 2004.












About Allan David Hill

Allan David Hill (Audio Mirage, dumb brother, solo recording artist) is a writer/producer who has operated Lakeshore Sound in Ontario, Canada for many years.  His band Audio Mirage’s debut single “Same Old Crowd” was an FM 96 (London, Ont) ON-TRACK finalist and received major commercial airplay(WRIF-101FM Detroit..etc)  within a week of its release. In  “dumb brother”  Allan’s music garnered international college/progressive/alternative airplay with major commercial airplay in Toronto and Detroit capped by 2 15 minute INDEPENDENT MODERN ROCK SPOTLIGHTs (Mar5/90 and Sept/90-primetime) on Canada’s top progressive rock station CFNY(Toronto). 


With “dumb brother” on hiatus after some interest from a few Candian “Indie” labels, Allan kept busy producing and engineering GYPSY ROSE (RCA/Gene Simmons Records), Deadline (Canadian Band Warz Finalists) THE STAND, AXIOM, KRAZY ACE and 14 Windows, all of which received major airplay.  During this time period Hill continued work on jingles, his “A Rainbow Garden” instrumental album and began work on a musical which is now entitled “IN THE DARK”. see page 

During this time Hill also wrote a song for rising country singer “Stacey Lynn” and produced her launching demo tape.  Stacey Lynn aired a one hour CBC TV special in ’92.


 Past musical projects by Allan David Hill have included work with former members of  Max Webster(Canadian Platinum artists), Klaatu, with Jim Chevalier of LEVEL HEADS(Broken Records/Word)and San Diego based Brain Laughter/Spotted Peccary StudiosHill also attended Robert Fripp’s (King Crimson) guitar workshop in Malibu for some musical/zen mind expansion.
















ADH Discography


1988- AUDIO Mirage (45 RPM)

Side A – Same Old Crowd

Side B – On Monday


1988- Dumb Brother “Coming Soon”(cassette)

Side A 1– Take A Chance

           2- W. T. H.  Is Love?

          3- Dance Trance

         4- Silence Is Golden


Side B 1-Nice Girls Need It 2!

          2- The Beach Tune

         3- Uneventfull Night

        4- Waves of Conciousness


1989- dumb brother  Up From Here

Cirpa compilation cd


1989?- dumb brother “Dancing On The Wall”

a - Dancing On The Wall

b - Passion 4 Fashion


199?  A Rainbow Garden- Instrumental Album

titles n/a


1998 <<GOOD 2 GO>>  EP

1 - U Make Me Feel So Good

2 - Late Show Lady (98)

3 - Fresh Air

4 - Hot Blood


2000 IN THE DARK – the musical

..more details to follow..


IN THE DARK (The Musical)

Featured singers on the demo of the musical include:

Identical twins Jacqueline(Little Girl/Lucy) and Jessica Harris(Lucy) are up and coming recording artists (Illusion) who were recently featured on Lil’ Romeo’s Platinum Debut CD.   They are currently recording in NY in preparation for their own debut CD release.


Rachael Kuhn (Mina) is an accomplished soloist at Pima Community College (Tucson) and recently was a guest singer in “The Mikado” at the University of Arizona. 













Lakeshore Sound & Video 

Available Equipment



Digidesign Control 8 Pro Tools Mixer                         

Yamaha DMP7 Digital Mixer

Mackie 24-8 (8 bus) mixing console                                        

Tascam M520 (8 bus) Analog Mixer

Allen & Heath GL2                                                               

llen & Heath GL2s

Behringer MXB 1002 remote mixer(battery/AC)                   

Akai MB76 Digital Line Mixer

Fostex 2050 8x2 line mixer                                                     

Mackie LM3204 line mixer                 

Mackie Mixer Mixer (Unity Gain Combiner)



Digidesign Pro Tools 7.1 LE w/3 UAD1 cards & SOLID STATE LOGIC  “DUENDE”

Alesis HD24 -24 TRACK HARD DISK RECORDER w/ firewire & ethernet PC connectivity (to Pro Tools for mixing)

2 - Alesis ADATS (16 tracks )

Fostex B16 16 TRACK analog recorder. (reel to reel)

Tascam DA30 DAT recorder

Tandberg 1/2 track reel to reel

Panasonic DAT recorder

ROLAND MC500 Sequencer



SleeTech Custom 4-way Mid-fields

Behringer “Truth” B2031 Powered Nearfield monitors

Behringer Powered Sub 2092A

Yamaha NS-10M’s

JBL 4301B’s Broadcast Reference Monitor (modified)


Realistic Minimus 7’s



3 UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-1 cards with every current pluginNEVE: 1073, 1081, 33609 Compressor, NEVE 88RS Channel Strip, HELIOS EQ, ROLAND SPACE ECHO & DIMENSION D, FAIRCHILD 670 TUBE COMP,  EMT PLATE 140, 1176s, LA-2As, etc…


SOLID STATE LOGIC “DUENDE”— 32 Channels of SSL for DAW..”Drumstrip” soon to be added for killer drum mixing.. the SSL way


Roland SRV 330 Digital Space Reverb             

Lexicon PCM60 Digital Reverb            

Roland SDE 3000 Delay

Roland SRV 2000 Digital Reverb                     

LT Sound TAD-4 Analog Dly/Spring Reverb 

Alesis Quadraverb

3- Yamaha SPX 900's (in DMP7)                    

Alesis “Wedge” Multi FX                     

BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer

Computer Based FX/Logic RPC (+UAD-1 card*)               

Alesis Midiverb 3

Roland VM-3100 cosm FX                              

Electrix MO-FX                                  

Electrix Warp Factory

Electrix Filter Factory                                      

Electrix Killer EQ                                

Alesis AirFX (“The Orb”)

Tascam PE-40(parametric EQ)                        

2-Symetrix SX201 pre/para EQ            

Behringer Denoiser     

Behringer Ultrafex?                                        

BBE 422 Sonic Maximizer                    

Gemini Circle Surround Proc.


3 UAD1 cards*Mackie/Universal Audio UAD-1 card: UA 1176 limiting amp

Teletronix LA-2A levelling amp,

Neve 1073,1081.Bus Compressor, 88R Channel Strip,                                                       

Pultec EQ,        HeliHHH           

Nigel Guitar Suite,        

CS Channel Strip

Helios EQ’s,                                                    

RealVerb Pro              

[Optional Cambridge EQ,    Optional DreamVerb]




(3) FMR Audio RNC 1773       

dbx 166                       

Behringer Composer              

Ashley SC50

Symetrix SX206 Multi-Functn Proc.

Valley People Dynamite  

Yamaha O3D (built-in)         

Joe Meek VC3Q(op)   

*Mackie UAD-1(LA-2A/1176 plug-ins)

Orban 516EC Dynamic Sibilance Controller              

dbx 263X De-esser/comp

Focusrite VoiceMaster(op) 

Focusrite ToneFactory(op)  

Logic RPC plug-ins                

Yamaha DMP-7(built-in)    



Neuman U87,             Sony C-37A (circa 1961)w/CP-2 ps   Sony ECM 56F,          (2) AT AT 4051’s

(2)Sennheiser E609s  Sennheiser 441UD, 431, 421             Crown PZM,               (2) R.S. PZM’s

(2)MXL 2001s             (2) Studio Projects C1’s                     (1)MXL 603                (2)Audix D6

(5)Shure SM57’s        Audio Technica AT220UD                (2)Shure Lav SM11    Beyer Headset Mic

Shotgun Mics

(2) Beyer MC736       

Azden SGM-2X


Other Mics and Equipment Available Upon Request for Rental! E-mail for more details!             


Pre-Amps/D. I.’s(# of channels)

++True Systems Precision 8 (8)                     

Focusrite Voice Master                     

Focusrite Tone Factory

3-Symetrix SX202 Dual pre’s(6)                    

2-Yamaha MLA7(16)                        

Joe Meek VC3Q Symetrix SX302 Dual pre(2)                              

Behringer 502 Mic Pre-Q(2)             

+Allen & Heath GL2(10)

+Allen & Heath GL2s (6)                             

2-Symetrix SX201 pre/EQ                         

Anthony DeMaria Labs Stereo Tube DI       

Countryman /Imp/Rodam D.I.’s                   


Keys/Sound Modules

Yamaha YPP 200 Digital Piano(88)     

Roland U220(module)**          

(2)Roland MT32 (modules)*** 

Yamaha DX7                                      

Yamaha FB01 (module)****    

Roland Juno 106 analog synth               

Roland P330 Dig. Piano(module)          

Casio MT40                            

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Oberheim OB-SX analog synth            

Roland DJ-70 Sampling Workstation               

Yamaha CS-10 (mono-synth)   

Roland SVC350 Vocodor                     

1913 Heintzman Upright Grand   

Red Sound “Darkstar XP2 Synth

Roland SH32 (synth module)                

Hammond L100 series organ

**6 part multitimbral + drums=7,    ***8 part multi. + drums (each) = 18,    ****4? part multi.

[Electrix Gear/Filters/Vocodor/Syncable Delay & Alesis AirFX  (see FX)] (Future: CV to Midi converters)


Drum Machines

Roland DR-660                                   

Alesis D-4                   

Alesis DM Pro             

Roland TR727 

EMU Drumulator                     

Korg SuperSection       

Alesis HR16


Drum Pads/Triggers

Simmons Pro Kit                                 

Tama Techstars (w/module)     

Roland Pad-8 Octapad                         

EMU Quadpad                                    

S&S “Stinger”Snare Pad

Drum Triggers for live kits                    

Digidrum Module



MOTU Midi Timepiece AV                             

Alesis BRC


Video Related Gear

Behringer MXB 1002 battery/AC powered remote mixer            

(2)Shure SM11 Lav Mics   

Studio 1 DV/XLR adapter

Availability of Sennheiser NE66 w/ K6 p.s.
Green Screen (12x20)
Stock Footage & Dig Loops

3 Light Softbox Kit

Studio 1 Steady Bracket

PZM mics & others(above)

Excellent Voice over Mics

Misc. Umbrellas/reflectrs/lights/accessories 

Sony VX2000 3-chip Mini DV w/ Optex Wide Angle & Tiffen Filters

Pinnacle DV 500 DVD (RealTime)card with Adobe Premiere 6.0, Hollywood FX, Title Deko, etc…

Yamaha 03D- for mixing 5.1 surround & surround monitors & subwoofer

Adobe After FX, Adobe Photoshop etc….

Wildcat Computers Custom P4 Multimedia Computer w/ Raided 120 GB drives (240 GB total)



Lakeshore Sound is currently operating from its original private licensed location..  We retain the option in the future to use the former MIX AUDIO building for future expansion and/or video shoots..etc..  There is no business connection between the former MIX AUDIO and Lakeshore Sound and Video.

Note*  The previous studio owners left their web page online.  The gear shown/listed was their gear not ours….You can view the studio dimensions, etc…www.kent.net/mixaudio



Years of experience in composition, engineering and production.  (music, jingles, live sound)  Video production experience adds to understanding of unique audio for video applications & solutions.  See About Allan David Hill.


Various Instruments & Amplifiers Also Available…vintage to modern.  Also specialize in Homewrecker guitar amps…  and a  new line of tube and neo-vintage gear currently in development..Several multi-function processors that include optical compression, optical de-essing and specialized/warm EQ.  (Focusrite, Joe Meek)


Noise Gates and/or expanders in dbx 166, Behringer Composer, Behringer De-Noiser, Yamaha 03D, Focusrite’s, Valley People “Dynamite”, Yamaha DMP-7, and Other Software based plug-ins.


++The “True Systems” Precision 8 pre-amp is eight channels of “world class” mic pre’s distributed by Neuman Microphones the world leader in microphone manufacturing..  check it out at www.truesystems.com

+The Allen & Heath boards provide 16 “warm” pre-amps either direct out or through the “British EQ” for those who prefer the British sound and warmth.














Contact Info


Allan David Hill

(519) 542-4863













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